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Cornell Pumps 2.5 DAF Centrifugal

Cornell Pumps 2.5 DAF Centrifugal

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*USED* Cornell Pumps 2.5 DAF Centrifugal

Dissolved Air Flotation (or D.A.F.) is a process in which tiny air molecules bind themselves to Solids particles and then float to the surface of a holding tank, allowing the Solids to be skimmed from the surface.

Through the combination Cornell’s patented Cycloseal and an innovative impeller design, the Cornell D.A.F. pump is able to create a sub-atmospheric pressure region in the seal chamber, forming compressed micro-bubbles that are then dissolved into the pumpage. This process helps eliminate the need for an air saturation tank and compressor required in many flotation systems. Cornell’s innovations enhance performance in many existing D.A.F. systems, as well as set up efficiency savings in new designs.


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