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See below for a wide variety of used pumps, engines, and accessories.

Caterpillar gas G3306 engine W/ a Weatherford W130 triplex pump. Skid included w/ package.  Call for pricing.


Waukesha gas VRG 220 engine mated to a 1×1.5×8 centrifugal pump.  (gear reduced) Various pump sizes can be installed on this unit.  Call for pricing.

6×5-11 centrifugal pump skid w/ a 75 hp motor @ 1785 rpm. call for pricing.


2×3-6 centrifugal pump skids w/ a 15hp motor @3535 rpm.  Call for pricing.


Goulds 1.5×3-10 centrifugal pumps w/ a 5 hp motor @1750 rpm.  Also has an integrated electrical box.  We currently have seven of these packages.   Call for pricing.


Gaso 3775 w/ 3 1/4″ plungers.  125 hp motor @ 1780 rpm.