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 Pneumatic Driven



GX15 Series

“CheckPoint’s GX15 pump is created with your shale applications in mind. Low volume and low pressure delivery requirements are achieved through this pneumatic pump’s design and construction, producing a perfect balance of quality, price and total cost of ownership.”



1250 Series

“CheckPoint’s Series 1250 pump delivers up to 8 USG/H (30.38 L/H) and can reliably inject into pressures up to 12,000 PSIG (827.4 BARG).”






1500 Series

“CheckPoint’s Series 1500 pump delivers up to 36.25 USG/H (137.21 L/H) and can reliably inject into pressures up to 15,000 PSIG (1,034.0 BARG).”






6200 Series

“The Series 6200 pump features a unique head design, which integrates a check valve into the plunger tip and moves liquid on both sides of the stroke, thus increasing flow output and providing continuous injection. The Series 6200 maintains flow rates that range from 1.8 – 58.0 USG/H (6.8 – 219.5 L/H) and reliably injects into pressures up to 10,000 PSIG (689 BARG).”


Electric Driven



FXA Series

“CheckPoint’s Series FXA mitigates the challenges often faced in the diverse range of American basins. The FXA electric pump can deliver up to 19.79 USG/H, pumping at pressures up to 10,000 PSIG. Low-flow applications do not impede the operation of the FXA, as the pump can easily achieve 0.052 USG/H. Made of 316L stainless steel and other chemically resilient materials, the Series FXA circumvents corrosion and achieves high accuracy and efficiency, even in the harshest conditions. While other electric pumps need to be replaced constantly, CheckPoint pumps will continue to operate, giving the field operator peace of mind that the production line will continue to run without interruption.”



FXS Solar Injection Series

“CheckPoint’s Series FXS Solar Injection System was designed to provide a quality, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly chemical injection solution. From its high-grade materials of construction (316SS, Hastelloy, and PVC) to its unique tripod stand, this system was designed with maximum utility in mind.”



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